Trent (vanillajoke) wrote,

Get Back To Where You Once Belonged

I totally neglect this thing so much. It's weird because I remember at my peak I was updating this sumbitch every fucking day with all sorts of shit.

Anyway, I had a great trip to Boston/Newton, Mass. I love going there, it really is a lot of fun. The best thing about it is that when I am there I completely feel responsibility-free of everything. I mean, I guess you can say that for any vacation but I feel it moreso there because Casey's family treats me so damn good to the point where I feel like the guest of honor like every night. Great great times.

HEMI returned from our vacation yesterday. It was nice to have a little break (3 weeks). We all came back very energized and refreshed yesterday and laid out the next few months plans. We have thrown our name in the hat to OPEN FOR TYPE O NEGATIVE! at The Rave in Milwaukee. Now, I am hoping this could pan out, being very optimistic but it could happen. Otherwise we are gearing for the next recording to get the press kits ready. Pictures from the photo-shoot will be done next week and we can begin work on obtaining some endorsement deals that I opened some doors for. We are also awaiting word on an on-air performance for 88.7 FM so hopefully all goes well! New songs are coming along nicely as well.

I've been on the job hunt since graduating. Not as hardcore as I should but I'm getting more into the swing of it but I don't want to settle, I want to find something that will make me happy and that I will enjoy doing while at the same time utilizing my talents.

I've been on Facebook a lot lately. Finding all these long lost friends and family members, it's weird. On Myspace I found one of my oldest and best friends, Soji. I have no idea how we lost touch, hell he lives only 5 minutes away but shit happens I guess. We have been messaging back and forth and it's really cool because I missed him a lot, he was and is definitely one of "the brudders."

I guess thats all I got for now.
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